SOBO Block Lock

Price: $35

Ideal shipping container lock for one time use shipping containers that include a lock box from factory or when using an aftermarket regular lock box (see below).  

  • High security shackle with hardened steel
  • Triple chrome plated construction for maximum cut & corrosion resistance
  • Comes with four keys - Also available keyed alike

Regular lock and lockbox

Price: $125

Installation Cost: $50

Your standard choice when looking for added security. Hides lock from bolt cutters. 

  • Powder coated steel
  • Includes template and hardware
  • Slide mechanism lock with four keys

Puck lock and lockbox

Price: $150

Installation Cost: 50
A step up from the regular lock. Hard to pick or break. Having a lock box leaves
no space to use bolt cutters. 
● Powder coated steel 
● Includes template and hardware
● Includes Master Lock hidden shackle padlock with two keys

Shelving bracket

Price: $90 per bracket

Maximize your space and keep your items organized inside the can. These heavy-duty shelf brackets are designed specifically for containers and used 2x10 lumber as shelves. 

  • 22 inches deep, 5 ft. tall, 3 courses
  • Powder coated steel
  • No screwing or bolting required
  • Does not include lumber. Ask us about our custom install!


Price: $125

Installation Cost: $75

Provides ventilation for your container. Comes with mesh screen to prevent insects and rodents.

  • 6x9in opening side
  • Powder coated steel

Man door

Price: $1200

Installation Cost: $300

Gain easy access to your containers with our commercial-grade man doors.

  • 36” x 80”steel insulated door
  • Powder coated frame
  • Includes hardware, door lever, rain drip, threshold plate, and door sweep

Rollup door

Price: $1350

Installation Cost: $400

Makes your container more accessible and easier to open. Can be installed on the sides of the container and is usually used for forklift access or storing garden tractors and ATVs. 

  • 6’8” tall, comes in 6’, 7’, 8’, and 10’ widths (8’ wide is standard)
  • 12 gauge powder coated steel frame with rain drip
  • 26 gauge painted steel corrugated door
  • Includes 3” brush seal--prevents insects and blowing snow from getting in.


Price: $500

Installation Cost: $250

Gives you additional light and ventilation, while the security screen reduces chance of vandalism. 

  • Steel powder coated frames with rain drip
  • Two-pane vinyl window with bug screen
  • Security screen can be opened from the inside to use as an emergency exit.

Bridge Fitting

Price: $175 each

Engineered to secure containers end-to-end or side by side.

Twist Locks

Price: $90

Used to secure containers when stacked. Simple 90-degree turn to lock in place.

Forklift Ramps

Price: $1775

Heavy duty steel ramps for easy forklift entry.


Price: Please call or email to request quote

Can paint custom colours as needed. Price includes minor prep. Does not include sand blasting. 

  • Please call for special request. 

Spray foam insulation

Price: Please call or email to request quote

If you plan to insulate your container, you MUST use spray foam. 2” thick is most common. Many people insulate 1” only on the ceiling to eliminate condensation issues. 

  • Significantly reduces chances of mold growth
  • Professionally installed by CCMC-approved contractors



Price: Please call or email to request quote

Custom-built skids for loading, oil field, or exploration applications. 

  • Common options: 42” bollards, rope hooks, bar grating extensions
  • Please email weight requirements and intended use for accurate quote. 

Secondary containment pans

Price: Please call or email to request quote

Secondary containment for HAZMAT storage. 

  • Can include venting, explosion proof electrical, insulation, fireproofing, and more for a turnkey HAZMAT solution. 

Custom offices and lunchrooms

Price: Please call or email to request quote

Looking for a cheaper alternative to jobsite office space and lunchrooms? We can often utilize ex-refrigerated or ex-heater containers which reduces cost of insulation and interior finishing. Can customize 20’, 40’ & 53’ containers.

  • Snowmobile warm-up shacks
  • Weigh scale shacks
  • Mobile asphalt plant control rooms
  • Electrical service & outdoor panel shed

Custom metal fabrication

Price: Please call or email to request quote

Think out of the box and get your container customized. We have a welder/fabricator on-staff who can build almost anything.

  • Chemical storage buildings
  • Oversized doors
  • Propane, oxy and acetylene bottle storage shacks
  • Forklift ramps
  • Generator houses
  • Pump shacks
  • Waste water treatment plant structures
  • Exploration shacks