Before the container is delivered, each customer must provide:

  1. Signed Rental Agreement
  2. Signed Credit Card Authorization Form
  3. First invoice MUST be paid in full. Invoice includes:
  • First month's rent 
  • Delivery charge to off-site location
  • Pickup fee from off-site location
  • Any accessories purchased (locks, etc)
  • Applicable Taxes

To terminate the Rental Agreement, you must fill out and return an Ended Rental Confirmation Form

HC - High Cube (9'6" high)
S - Standard (8'6" high)
DD - Double Door

Container Size Rental Rate/ Month
8' $125
10' S $150
20' S $150
20' S DD $175
20' HC $175
20' Office $700
40' S DD $225
40' HC DD $225
53' HC Steel $275

Ask us about shelving, locks, lock boxes & more. See our modifications for specialized rentals. We will custom build for long term rentals

36 Month Rent to Own Rates

Container Size Rent To Own Rate/ Month
8' $200
10' S $250
20' S Used $225
20' S OTU $275
40' S Used $325
40' HC Used $350
40' S DD $425
40' HC DD $450
53' HC Steel Used $425


How Can A Container Help You?

Commercial, Retail, and Manufacturing

Cost-effective. If you’re storing seasonal merchandise, you won’t need a container all year long. Save money by booking a container only when you need to.

Portable. Our trucks and trailers are capable of moving loaded containers if you require materials or merchandise moved from site to site in your rental container.

Secure. Shipping containers are rodent-proof and weather-resistant, which keeps your merchandise out of the elements. High security lock boxes allow for excellent protection against vandalism.

Construction, Mining, and Industrial

Heavy-duty. Keep your tools, job site materials, and supplies out of the harsh conditions on mine sites and construction sites. Don’t let your material get tarnished by the sun and rain, or get buried in snow!

Flexible. One size does not always fit all. Your storage needs change every project; so renting a container allows you to pick the right size to house the equipment right for the project.

Residential Moving, Storage, and Renovations

Worry-free. If you’re working on a short-term project, give us a call and book a delivery date of your storage container. You don’t need to worry about storing or selling your container after use.

Portable. Our trucks are equipped with self-unloading trailers that allow easy transportation of your items from point A to point B.